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Hi and thanks for checking out my blog! When I'm not working with Magento I actually have a load of other interests of which I'll be dumping my thoughts (and mine alone) here. You can find me across the web:

  • Connect TomTom Runner to Vitality Health


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  • 3 Peaks 2017 - A Broken Resolve

    As I write this I am 24 hours removed from my second acquaintance with the Great Britain 3 Peaks Challenge. Unlike last time when I finished with a feeling of exhaustion-laden achievement, today I look back with disappointment and regret.

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  • Half Marathon to a Marathon in 5 Weeks

    I decided to write this post because I wanted to describe how I went from being a seasoned half marathon runner to running a full marathon in the space of 5 weeks. Just for the record… I’m in no way offering this as “training advice” or anything like that as I’m not qualified to do so, but my story may offer some insight into what to expect if you’re as impatient as me.

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